Reopen911, 2006, olio su tela, cm 70x100
WTC 911-1, 2006, olio su tela, cm 50x70
9-11-2001, 2006, olio su tela, cm 100x100
Italicus, 2006, olio su tela, cm 80x120

In Italy we have experienced a number of massacres, of which very little has been made clear, but with the passing of time it has become evident that the real perpetrators were other than the ones indicated in the official reports (as for example in the massacre of Piazza Fontana in Milan in 1969). It took the second world war, with millions of dead, to understand that the Reichstag fire had been organised by the Nazis to consolidate their power and to subjugate Europe. September 11 provoked the war in Afghanistan and in Iraq and also legislation which has reduced personal liberty in the U.S.A., and to a certain extent also in Europe. Many people contest the official version of events because: ... read more

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