The discovery of Chinese culture had a notable influence on me; its search for the just and perfect that is in us.
With my paintings of this period I have tried to describe through signs the repetition of days which seem unchanged but are actually made different the one from the other by the variations of the Yin and the Yang in each of us and in the reality we live in. Facts interlace, a casual encounter provokes an ocre spot whose effect will slowly fade away or maybe completely change the picture.
There is something obsessive with the passing of days which is represented by the repeated sign. Repeated, yes, but always different because the context in which our monotonous day is placed is also different, as well as ourselves and all that happens around us. Being able to read discontinuities allows to deal with them. Being able to represent them will help us understand better. Through the repetition of a movement, apparently always the same one, a further contribution of knowledge to the way towards perfection is given.