Brunello di Montalcino, 2012, olio su tela, cm 30x40
Buon governo, 2004, olio su tela, cm 70x100
Crete senesi, 2012, olio su tela, cm 60x60
Finestra sulla Val d'Asso, 2006, olio su tela, cm 70x100

I'm often asked why I paint both abstract landscapes and realist ones. In fact, when I paint a landscape, I would like to represent what and how I feel rather than just what I see. What I would like to represent is the feeling of well-being that I feel, sometimes this is reflected in an abstract painting, other times it is better reflected in a realistic one.
The ancient Chinese philosophy asserts that all people and things have an energy that is called QI, this energy can be positive or negative, IJng or Yang. The situation is wider than this, but I believe that even the landscapes that have this energy and those of the Sienese countryside emanate a positive
completely energy.

The landscapes around Siena are always different and always beautiful: they are green in spring, when the grain is ripe they become yellow and ocher, then they turn gray. But the feeling of beauty that you feel is more due to the work of the man who, over the centuries, has improved.

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